Arcanum of Azeroth started in May of 2011 as a World of Warcraft podcst with host Tanner Goodman. The original vision of the show was to help fellow WoW players collect rare commodities in the game, such as mounts, pets, and achievements.  After a few weeks of this formula, the format of the show changed with Episode 13, where Tanner, and co-host Ben started recording from a Skype call. This again changed on Episode 18, when Tanner and Ben brought on a third co-host, Jon. At this point, the simple micro-cast about collecting things evolved into a podcast about not only collecting, but WoW news and discussion as well. This format of the show continued for quite some time, until Episode 29 where the guys decided it was time to split the podcast into 2 shows, Arcanum of Azeroth Horders, and Arcanum of Azeroth Roundtable. Horders catered more to the collecting audience, and stayed true to the original roots of the show, whereas Roundtable focused more on watercooler type discussions. This format of the show continued up until Episode 50, where the guys made the announcement that Arcanum of Azeroth was going on hiatus, and that Ben and Jon were going to start their own show, Azeroth Roundtable. Many fans were disappointed that the show had to come to an end after only a year of being around, but fear not Azerothians… the show has returned!

Hey everyone, it’s Tanner, or you might also know me as Salem! I hope you enjoyed a brief overview of our history, and how Arcanum of Azeroth got started. As much as I would like to continue the old format of the show, I feel like it sort of ran dry, and was not unique. Most WoW podcasts out there end up having a type of watercooler discussion, and very few set themselves apart from others. This got me to brainstorming. After canceling AoA in April, I had been thinking of ways to bring it back, and to make it new and interesting. I started brainstorming, and with the help of a friend, I decided on a topic: Lore. Not very many podcasts actually delve into and discuss the lore and story behind World of Warcraft. Between all the books, quests, zones, classes, races, there is tons of lore, and thus, tons of content to talk about. So I am happy to announce that Arcanum of Azeroth’s new focus will be about lore and story within the Warcraft universe. I want this to be extremely community driven as well. Have a favorite quest line, story, character? Email me at ArcanumPodcast@gmail.com and I’ll talk about it on the show! I’d like to thank you all, listeners new and old for this amazing opportunity that you’ve given me. 🙂

-Tanner “Salem” Goodman


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